Why Invest?

The 2006 collapse of the US Housing Market reduced prices of residential real estate by up to 70%. Through extensive analysis of the US housing market and proximate economic factors, Phoenix Capital Fund - US has identified Las Vegas as an excellent opportunity to purchase real estate at a significant discount. The management team at Phoenix Capital Fund - US focuses on purchasing properties where values have dropped by 50%-70% over the past two years. Every unit is thoroughly examined before acquisition and renovated using The Phoenix Touch, ensuring each unit will bring a maximum return to investors. The condominiums will be marketed and leased utilizing strong Las Vegas based property management groups.

Phoenix Capital Fund's management has over thirty years of combined experience in real estate development and investment. With decades of hands on experience, the management team has crafted a financial model that anticipates and accounts for every conceivable cost and variable. Phoenix Capital Fund - US maintains maximum flexibility by employing a highly disciplined purchasing and disposition strategy.

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If you want to look like a genius five years from now, buy all the Las Vegas real estate you can today. 

Larry Murphy, SalesTraqâ„¢