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US Real Estate 101 - Our Simple Proven Business Model

Step 3

Our philosophy is that vacancies are a liability. Properties have expenses whether they are vacant or leased. For example:

• Muncipal Government Property taxes 

• Home Owners Association Fees (HOA Fees)

• Property Insurance

• Misc. Maintenance Expenses

Once we acquire our units we apply our cost effective renovation strategy we have coined "The Phoenix Touch" to every unit.

This includes replacing carpeted floors with laminate flooring, installing granite counters, upgrading and adding light fixtures and replace or upgrade appliances.

The Phoenix Touch improves our units by:

• Minimizing long-term maintenance costs

• Reducing vacancies and attracting quality tenants

• Maximizing the return on investment, by increasing resale value and rental value

With the Phoenix Touch, our units are more desireable to prospective tenants over other competing vacant units, hence reducing our vacancy. 

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