The Phoenix Touch

The "Phoenix Touch" is what we have coined our renovation method that revitalizes our units by smartly upgrading the suite interiors. We use professional contractors and interior designers to ensure the important aspects of the suite has been improved. All worn carpeted floors are removed and replaced with laminate flooring, light fixtures added and upgraded to improve lighting, bathroom and kitchen areas are tiled and all units are repainted to feel brand new again.

Benefits of The Phoenix Touch:

  • Increase re-sale value
  • Improve durability and extend longevity
  • Ensure our units are most desirable to tenants


The Phoenix Touch in action:

Carpets and vinyl flooring are removed and replaced with ceramic tile and engineered limate and hardwood floor.

Brand new curtains and blinds are installed throughout each unit.

All units are re-painted to feel new and modern.

  Lighting is improved by installing new fixtures and increasing natural light.
Bathrooms and Kitchens are upgraded with new tiles, cabinets, counters and appliances.