Phoenix Capital Fund-US Spring Update

Capital Raise
Phoenix Capital Fund-US has seen extraordinary growth in the past two months, as $3,055,635 was raised from 189 investors in the month of March alone. This is our biggest month to date and is excellent news for current and prospective investors, as we are well positioned to expand our real estate portfolio, acquiring higher quality and newer units moving forward.

Since the beginning of March, seventeen properties were added to the fund, including our first single-family home for $122,000, which is well below the average Las Vegas single-family home price of $195,000. Our acquisition team is continuing to find deals despite rising prices in Las Vegas, and we expect to maintain our steady rate of real estate purchases.

Cash Distribution

We are pleased to announce that our first distribution of 2014 amounted to just over 1%. Our distribution amount will increase moving forward in 2014, and we fully expect to reach our projected 5% return for the year. We currently have over $2 million to deploy and our yield should increase once we acquire new units, renovate and lease them. Presently we have nine units under renovation that will soon be generating cash flow once they are leased.

Updated Offering Memorandum
In accordance with exempt market securities laws, we have updated our Offering Memorandum (O.M.) as of April 16, 2014. The primary revision to the O.M. is the increase in unit price from $5.00 to $6.00, as well as including audited financial statements as of December 31, 2013.

Las Vegas Visit
In early May, Phoenix Capital Fund-US Trustee, Kerry Lum, and Communications Officer, Andre Gailits, travelled to Las Vegas to meet with our team in the United States, tour recently purchased properties and commence work on our new sales film.
One notable property toured was purchased on May 2 is Unit 2 in the Kensington subdivision. It is a spacious 1,624 square foot, 3-bedroom condominium with a den that is in an excellent neighborhood. It was purchased for $102,091 and requires a full Phoenix Touch renovation.
In speaking with our acquisition team in Las Vegas, it is clear that the real estate market is recovering quickly along with the entire Nevada economy. The current average condominium price is $94,000, which is up 28% in the past year. The number of bank-possessed properties is growing smaller by the month, as our acquisition team had 8 accepted offers in the last month, while submitting 42. In looking at a map of Las Vegas, the city is essentially an island, surrounded by mountains, and government protected land. This means construction space is limited, and property values will continue their rise amid limited supply.