Las Vegas ranked #1 city to live and play by National Geographic

The recent resurgence of adventure tourism to Las Vegas led National Geographic writer Dan Koeppel to rank the city as the number one place to live and play.

The city has long been known as a popular tourist destination with roughly forty million people flooding there every year, but it has recently gained the reputation as a great outdoor adventure locale. One of the most frequented activities is hiking Mount Charleston, a close-by mountain that offers stunning views of the city and surrounding desert. Las Vegas is also a premier destination for mountain biking, as the desert mountains offer an unparalleled level of terrain. 

In addition to the growing adventure tourism, Koeppel cites the sustained job growth as another factor for Vegas's number one ranking. The fastest-growing job category in Las Vegas is that of professional and business services. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, each new casino job is matched by four others on the outside.

With the resurgence of Las Vegas's housing market, job market and tourism industry, the city is headed for sustained growth and remains an excellent investment option for outsiders.

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