Large new office complex going up in Henderson

In a time when construction and sales of office space have grinded to a standstill, Stable Development is turning the corner with a 3-story 47,000 square-foot office building in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson. It has secured it's main tenant, Prudential Americana Group Realtors, as well as a secondary tenant Equity Title of Nevada.

Site preparation is set to begin today, and the groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Thursday.

This project, albeit relatively small, is an important boost the commercial real estate market of Las Vegas, which has fallen on difficult times in the recent months. Vacancies are up and rental rates are down this year, but ideally a marquee project like this, can help turn the tides.

Not only does such a development signal the growth of jobs in Las Vegas, but the fact that the office complex is entirely renting to real estate companies is an excellent sign for the Las Vegas housing market.

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