MD-granting medical school coming to Las Vegas

Roseman University recently announced their plans to open an MD-granting medical school in Las Vegas, the first of its kinda in Southern Nevada. This is yet another sign of recovery in Las Vegas' once fragile economy.

Although the timeline and details are still being worked out, while Roseman begins the accreditation process over the next few months, they are expected to have their first class of medical students in 2015.

"Roseman is looking to start with about 60 students in its first year, and eventually expand to about 100 students. The university is now looking at a variety of facilities options, including constructing a new building on eight acres of undeveloped land at its Whitney Mesa campus. The school's courses and research will focus on the emerging field of geriatric medicine and public health, particularly disease prevention. Roseman will continue its unique educational model, which includes collaborative learning and graduating only top-level students."

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