Company Overview

Phoenix Capital Fund-US provides a real estate investment solution to meet investors' financial objectives through our conservative and proven business model. 

Our strategy is simple:

  • Purchase condominiums in Las Vegas, Nevada for approximately 50% of their replacement cost.
  • Renovate the condominiums using The Phoenix Touch, a thorough and swift strategy of revitalizing condominium interiors to increases rental rates and limit vacancies.
  • Lease the properties into the local rental market to reliable and responsible individuals.
  • Once the condominiums' values increase to over 100% of their replacement cost, sell the units on the open market utilizing multiple sales channels.


This straightforward and effective strategy returns the monthly rental income back to investors in the form of quarterly cash distributions. The investor's principle is used to purchase additional units without mortgages, meaning Phoenix Capital Fund - US is operating 100% debt free, which mitigates foreclosure risk to the investor.